Making Amends

An album by Fernie Canto

All tracks here are available in two formats: 24bit/44100Hz FLAC (lossless) and 320kbps MP3.

Download the full album: [MP3] [FLAC]

Cover 1
Part 1
1. Prelude 6:09 [MP3] [FLAC]
2. Weave 1 4:12 [MP3] [FLAC]
3. Yellow Girl as a Beacon 3:09 [MP3] [FLAC]
4. Weave 2 4:23 [MP3] [FLAC]
5. Bees 2:30 [MP3] [FLAC]
6. Interlude 2:44 [MP3] [FLAC]
7. Cantus Recidivus 4:39 [MP3] [FLAC]
8. Weave 3 1:09 [MP3] [FLAC]
9. Yellow Girl as a Divinity 6:41 [MP3] [FLAC]
10. Cantus Recidivus reprise 4:16 [MP3] [FLAC]
11. Wasps 4:55 [MP3] [FLAC]
Total: 44:47  

Words for the Cantus Recidivus written by Christina Nordlander.

All music written, arranged and produced by Fernie Canto.

Cover 2
Part 2
1. The Loneliness 4:34 [MP3] [FLAC]
2. One minute 1:00 [MP3] [FLAC]
3. In memoriam 3:18 [MP3] [FLAC]
4. First Love (Yellow Girl as a Fading Image) 6:25 [MP3] [FLAC]
5. Apostasy 6:55 [MP3] [FLAC]
6. Puzzle 5:13 [MP3] [FLAC]
7. The Tear 4:53 [MP3] [FLAC]
8. Patchwork 6:04 [MP3] [FLAC]
9. A Short Lived Finale 5:24 [MP3] [FLAC]
Total: 43:50  

Track 3 is actually Ave Maria, written by Charles Gounod. All other tracks written by Fernie Canto.

All music arranged and produced by Fernie Canto.

Cover 3

Artwork concept and execution by Fernie Canto.

This album, very much like Highways, is a major reworking of an old piece of music, written about 10 years ago. This time around, the reasons for unearthing and remaking this piece were not strictly musical, but also very personal. In spite of all the layers of personal significance this music carries, it should be enjoyed by all without reservations or special considerations. Like all my music, this is an offering to the world and to all the people in it, and I wish you'll be able to find your own significance in it.

Big thanks to the people in The Simpsons and Futurama Fanworks Central, who have been fun and caring friends for so many years. Special thanks to Christina Nordlander for writing the Cantus Recidivus, on special request, and also to Thiago Motta for the microphone. Thanks to all my family and my friends, and everyone who has shared a word of support for my work. And thanks to you, for bothering to check this out.

WARNING: The "Yellow Girl" in the track titles refers to a certain cartoon character. Anyone who interprets that as a racial slur will be slapped repeatedly for 30 minutes straight as a means to learn some common sense and imagination.

WARNING: The part about slapping in the warning above is most likely a joke.
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Making Amends by Fernie Canto is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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