Eleven Gifts

Simple pieces for piano and wonderful people

By Fernie Canto

  1.   J  [MP3] [FLAC]
  2.   a  [MP3] [FLAC]
  3.   c  [MP3] [FLAC]
  4.   d  [MP3] [FLAC]
  5.   g  [MP3] [FLAC]
  6.   i  [MP3] [FLAC]
  7.   j  [MP3] [FLAC]
  8.   l  [MP3] [FLAC]
  9.   s  [MP3] [FLAC]
  10.   t  [MP3] [FLAC]
  11.   v  [MP3] [FLAC]
My deepest thanks to the people who inspired these works — people who, incidentally, have provided me some of the finest, most rewarding and unforgettable moments of my life. This is a humble offering which I hope you will carry fondly through your life.
WARNING: Be careful with the capitalisation!
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