"Better Than the Beatles!"

An album by Fernie Canto

All music written, arranged and produced by Fernie Canto, with additional words by Christina Nordlander.
Cover by Fernie Canto.
All tracks here are available in two formats: 16bit/44100Hz FLAC (lossless) and 320kbps MP3.
This album was first released in early 2006, and was temporarily removed following the release of Big Robot, Little Robot. In 2009, it was reinstated as part of my discography, therefore being my earliest album available.
Side A
1. Thunders (featuring De Destructione Romae, by Christina Nordlander) (15:47)
2. I'd Rather Be Home (3:49)
Side B
1. Pompous and Pretentious (7:35)
2. Tetralogy (6:33)
3. All Full of Nine o'Clock (6:00)
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