All music written, arranged, recorded and produced by Fernie Canto.
Cover illustration by Graham Dawson.

This album took two years to go from its conception phase all the way into completion, and started out of a spontaneous idea of building an entire concept album around the characters of a cartoon. In this case, it's the british cartoon Little Robots, and the eleven main characters are represented in the ten tracks of this album — sometimes in quite direct, others in very oblique ways. The album doesn't alienate those who aren't familiar with the show, though. The characters served as a starting point for these tracks, but they follow their own, independent ways, and all listeners are invited to create their own meanings for them. The songs are fairly varied, going from electronica to samba, including waltz, a piano prelude, elements of atonality, reggae and marching bands. The album is entirely instrumental, without a single word or vocal, and the moods and atmospheres are fully open to the listener's interpretation.

I wrote and recorded the whole album on my computer, with sampled and synthesized instruments and other sound generation and deformation effects. The album forms a continuous stream of sound, which loops from the ending right back into the beginning. This is an idea derived from its concept, meant not to give any of the songs any kind of special importance, and in theory, the album has no beginning and no end. With the aid of digital technology, you can put the album playing on a loop, and select its starting and ending points according to your own preference. Yet, the song order given here suggests the optimal selection of tracks to be placed on the two sides of an LP or a cassete, or to be simply burned on a CD.

Until 2013, these files were hosted by Graham Dawson, owner and administrator of the Groening Fanworks Central, who also drew the album's mascot, shown above — for those things I'll be forever grateful. All visitors are encouraged to download, listen and distribute the music freely, as long as no commercial use of the songs is made without my previous consent. Remixes and samples are also encouraged, as long as proper credit is given. The cover drawing belongs to Graham Dawson, and any use which isn't personal and domestic shouldn't be done without his authorisation. The listeners are also encouraged to take the album as simple, pure entertainment, which is what it was meant to be.

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All tracks here are available in two formats: 16bit/44100Hz FLAC (lossless) and 320kbps MP3. The FLAC files should play gaplessly.
Side A
1. Scary
2. Noisy
3. Sporty
4. Tiny
5. Messy
Side B
1/2. Sparkies
3. Spotty
4. Stripy
5. Rusty
6. Stretchy
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Big Robot, Little Robot illustration by Graham Dawson
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